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Timeline Oriented Software


Install Instructions

1. Download and install Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.0, so your Kinect device can be recognized by your operating system, and therefore, by marine software;

2. Download the portable version package from the link below;

3. Extract files to a directory on your machine;

4. Double click on "marine.exe" file, under this directory;

5. If your firewall asks for network usage permission, make sure you allow it;

6. You are ready to start experimenting with Kinect!

Portable Version

A timeline oriented software provides basic functions, enough for a number of spectacles. Among the key features, you can import third-party elements, adjust and save elements behavior configuration, create, save and load spectacles, and more.

The current version has been tested with the following configurations:

Windows 10 64bit running a Samsung Series 5 ultrabook, Intel i7 Dual Core, 500SSD, 12GB RAM DDR3.

For install instructions, software use overview and calibration settings information, check the Quick Guide (for version 1.0.0).


To get access to previous versions of marine and its documentation, access:


gallery/marine overview